CV of Prof. M.Des. (RCA) Mischa Schaub,  director of institute HyperWerk

Function: President Association motoco

1952 born as a Swiss Citizen

1969 - 1972 Formation as sculptor at SfG Basel and Academy of Arts, Düsseldorf

1976 - 1978 Postgraduate studies of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art, London

1979 - 1983 Watch designer at Omega, Corporate Identity Design at Z & L, Zürich

1983 - 1995 CEO and owner of Design Research Agentur AG, Basel, several patents

1988 Author DuMont: “Kreative Entwurfsarbeit am Computer”

1989 - 2001 Startup-director of “Institut für Bildmedien” ZKM Karlsruhe

1992 Author DuMont: “Code_X: Multimediales Design”

1996 Visiting Prof UdK Berlin

1999 - today Director of Institute HyperWerk HGK FHNW

1993 - 2005 CEO HyperStudio AG

2002 - 2009 President association salm2, Senones

2003 - 2005 President MetaWorx

2004 - 2007 Director project acar2

2007 Curator campus-exhibition on acar2 Ars Electronica (with nine internationally leading art academies)

2009 - 2011 President association Plexwerk

2011 nomadic tryplex lab on inflatables on its way through European Art and Design schools / final Expo at DMY Berlin with triplex

2011 Co-chair of Basel congress coins11: “How to swarm”, supported by SNF

2012 An expedition through balkan art schools and extended collaboration with Yildiz University leads to a major exhibition at the museum of cultures, Basel and to motoco as a design activist movement

2012 Development of motoco at Mulhouse supported by “TripTic” of Pro Helvetia

2012 - today President association motoco, Mulhouse

2013, may Kick-off motoco, Mulhouse

2014, april Kick-off openparc, Mulhouse

At present: Writing four proposals Horizons 2020 till may 2015, trying to pump content and funding into openparc. Creating furniture with CNC Tech for identity building.