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How to Wash a Wipe Clean Tablecloth

How to Wash a Wipe Clean Tablecloth

Unlike the regular washing and drying which fabric cloths require the same can’t be said for wipe clean tablecloths. This is because this fabric requires a different cleaning and caring method to ensure it is not damaged.

Just like in a case of caring for clothing fabric you can’t treat wool like linen. You can also not treat fabric tablecloth the same way they’d treat wipe clean tablecloths. This is important to note because just as easy and less daunting using a wipe clean tablecloth is, they can just as easily get ruined if proper care isn’t taken in following cleaning instructions.

Being that wipe clean tablecloths are a usable alternative to fabric tablecloths that have more severe and long-lasting damaging effects from tough stains like ink, oil and food stuff; proper care is imperative for maximum usage of wipe clean tablecloths — of which this is usually a bane for product consumers.

I for one will definitely gravitate towards a product with extended usage and especially if it guarantees me value for my money’s worth. So if it means my having to painstakingly clean it for long lasting usage, count me in! I ended up buying a wipe clean tablecloth as they have some of the best designs.

Here are some friendly cleaning and caring tips for wipe clean tablecloths:

Once it’s stained, don’t wait

The longer you wait to clean off oil, food or ink stains, the harder it is to get them off. An oil stain not attended to in time could become a tough mess and require more friction when cleaning off, which could wear out the fabric. It is important to attack stains as soon as possible using Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol for grease stains and ink marks. For dye based food stains, spot clean with a mixed solution of part water and part hydrogen peroxide using a saturated clean white cloth. Rinse with a clean damp cloth.

Keep away from direct heat

Because the fabric of wipe clean tablecloths consists largely of vinyl, it is easily meltable and more importantly, highly flammable. Always use placemats and coasters for hot plates, pots and cups on wipe clean tablecloths.

Infrequent washing

Regular wipe-downs aren’t enough to completely keep wipe clean tablecloths clean. You’ll find the underside become dirty. It is essential to do a proper overall cleaning after using them for 6 to 12 months. This involves soaking the tablecloth in cold water and mild detergent in a basin, sink, bathtub or basically any holder that’s big and wide enough to take the entire cloth without completely squeezing it to prevent creases.

Hang under the sun to drip dry to avoid creasing. In case of excess creasing, place in a dryer with heavy towels and set to tumble dry at mild heat for two to three minutes each, repeating the process to satisfaction. Be careful not to allow it overheat as it will melt.

Store to keep crease-free

When not in use, roll it up to prevent creasing and store in dry cupboard. Should you decide to fold it instead, expect fold lines to appear. Wipe clean tablecloths usually straighten out after a few days of being kept out on tables. Alternatively, it can be mildly pressed with a warm iron.

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