Moto Co | DMC Mulhouse
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DMC Mulhouse

A Community Picnic:
If at previous Motoco editions, there was a lunch with free participation, this time residents of DMC Building 75 invite the public to a community picnic from the bag. In the spirit of the “Motoco philosophy”, based on mutual aid and the exchange of know-how, it is up to everyone to bring a little more than necessary and to discover to their neighbor personal recipes. The tables and chairs will be made available by the residents and a barbecue will be lit so that everyone can put their grill to brown (tofu itou). Artists will also offer a sweet crepe workshop, and the bar will be open as usual.

A poetic and musical stroll:
Martine Blanché (2007 SEAL Award, member of the Rhenish Academy), invites the public to a poetic journey through various artists’ studios where she will read excerpts from her collections (Sentes et sens, Indiennes and Carmin sur glace) and unpublished poems, accompanied by the young Charles Étienne on the guitar. A tea-time will follow the poetic readings in the show-room of the visual artist Anne-Marie Ambiehl. Meet at 15h, on the ground floor of the establishment. Duration: 1h30.

Performance, performance:
Sound performance under the Vortex 075 by Gérard Dumora (in the west stairwell). Simon, Jonas, Dominik, Jacqueline, Maïté and Gérard will discuss the theme of Carnaval abstractively. Perfs at 2 pm, 3:30 pm and 5 pm.

Ein Kino, a Cinemascope:
Every first Sunday of the month, the Trendy Tubs are transformed into an installation at the end of the monumental ground floor room. This time, it will be question of creating an ephemeral cinema. It will include the reportage mapping video made on January 26 before the demolition of the wall of 70m linear part of the 1812 spinning. It is an artistic documentary directed by Dominik Grobe and Jonas Stirnimann, with a music of Colormind and on images of Dataproductions associated with those of Motoco artists.
Other audiovisual productions of residents, as well as reports on the actions already conducted by the Motoco association abroad, will also be screened.

The X-ray:
Francine, host of Old School, will broadcast her show live on Radio MNE from 3pm to 4pm, for the third time since the opening of the venue, with the intervention of residents and spectators.

Call for witnesses:
Two residents would like to meet former workers on the DMC site to gather testimonials. They want to make small videos illustrated with old photographs and objects brought by witnesses to create a documentary collection. Contact on site during the open days , by mail: , or by mail to: Motoco 13 rue de Pfastatt, 68200 Mulhouse.

Open artists: Denis Scheubel, visual artist / painter; Luc Ueb, furniture design and lomography, Romuald Le Bris, graphic designer with photographer Benjamin Le Brun; Frédéric Bellier and his graphic facilitation workshop; photographer François Carbonnier with a series of pinholes made in Mulhouse and various medium and large format photos and materials; Anne-Marie Ambiehl, pluriactivist visual artist; the painter and visual artist Eric-Azad Topouzian-Bezdjian, the Georgian sculptor Irakli Keshelashvili; visual artist Marie Freudenreich; the painters Zhuljan Tola and Nicola Amaru will open their respective workshops to the public.