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The Enlarger

Created in Mulhouse in November 2010, the association l’Agrandisseur organizes exhibitions, conferences, meetings and workshops with photographers and theoreticians of the image. The association impels a questioning on the photographic medium, its transformations and uses in the field of contemporary art. Its main activity is the organization of the Biennale de la Photographie Mulhouse , whose programming supports and disseminates photographic practices in contemporary art, with an international vocation and a willingness to show emerging talents. The geographical location of Mulhouse, a border town, is at the origin of a program partly devoted to living photographers in the Upper Rhine territory, Swiss or German.

The Biennial of photography of Mulhouse is:

– A strong and federative moment to discover contemporary photography

– Exhibitions of international artists that unfold in different cultural Mulhouse

– In situ installations, a projection program, meetings with photographers

– Image education workshops with neighborhood residents and youth

The next edition of the Biennial of Photography in Mulhouse will take place between June and September 2016. Apart from these highlights, exhibitions are regularly organized.

The Enlarger federates energies around contemporary photography, the association is supported by the City of Mulhouse, the DRAC, the ACSE (for its workshops), member of the Versant Est network . The Enlarger is partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts, Mulhouse Contemporary Art , the HEAR – High School of the Arts of the Rhine, the Filature -scene National Library Libraries, The Hors Champs Gallery, T66 and L6 Freiburg. Press partner: NOVO and CAMERA INTERNATIONAL .

One of the characteristics of photography in the digital age is the use of post-photographic processes. Artists play and replay with already existing photographs, theirs or those of others. It is common to “reshape the cards of his work”, to appropriate known or anonymous images to displace the meaning, or to report utopian projects. With this first edition, the very stakes of the photographic medium are questioned within emerging practices. Play & Replay brings into play notions of the circulation of images, but also of sharing, exchanges and discoveries.

The 2013 Mulhouse Photography Biennale presents the exhibitions and performances of Dorothée Baumann (CH), Isabelle Le Minh (FR), Cristina de Middel (ES), Michel François (BE), Nathalie Wolff (FR) and Matthias Bumiller (DE). ), Laura Martin (FR) and Marie Quéau (FR). Screenings evenings will reveal promising or already confirmed photographers, among them, Joachim Schmid , the Exp12 collective (DE) and the students of the HEAR -Haute école des arts du Rhin.