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5 Ways to Repurpose an Old Dresser

5 Ways to Repurpose an Old Dresser

Old is gold.

You do not want to spend extra cash to purchase a new cabinet when you can convert your old dresser into one. At least everyone has a dresser they no longer use.

You may be wondering how you can repurpose your dresser and make it more useful. The following are some of the ways you can do it.

1. Create a wine cabinet out of it

Here, you just need to remove the drawers and convert them into shelves. Also, add a few pieces of wood with well-shaped cut-outs to be compartments for storing wine bottles. You will have an awesome place to store your wine and other drinks. Position it at an easily accessible place so that you don’t have a hard time finding your wine.

2. Turn it into a TV cabinet

You don’t need to purchase a new TV stand in case you want some change in your living room. Simply take your old dresser, refurbish it and turn that dresser into a tv stand. You can carve out a few drawers to create a design that you like. Sooner or later, you will have a new and beautiful TV cabinet without spending much.

3. Make it a door hallway seat

How is this even possible? The truth is that it is possible. How about removing drawers and shelves from one side of the dresser and placing some cushions there? This can be a very nice seat with drawers on the side. You can also remove drawers from the lowest row and make the compartments a place for storing your shoes.

4. Paint it

Instead of converting your old dresser into something else, you can just paint it and make it new. In case you have changed all your furniture in the house, consider painting it in a way that matches the other furniture and decor. Your favorite color will make you like it even more. So not go for so many colors lest it looks like a kindergarten desk. You can also change the handles, patterns, paint color, and modify the design a bit. Within a short time, you will have a brand new dresser in your house.

5. Turn it into a dressing table

To make your old dresser a dressing table, simply carve out drawers from the middle column. Install a big mirror on top and use the remaining drawers for storing your makeup, brushes, and all your dressing accessories. You can’t fail to find a nice seat or stool from your local hardware. Purchase one whose color compliments that of your new dressing table.

Make sure your dressing table is well painted and decorated in the most beautiful way possible. This will bring a new and amazing look in your bedroom without having you spend a lot of money.

An old dresser can still be useful. It does not matter whether there are broken handles, faded and discolored paint, and chippings. You can convert it into a new form that will incredibly beautiful. You don’t have to spend much. Isn’t this better than disposing of it in the trash store?

Simply fix all the loose parts, repaint it, and create a new face of your old dresser.

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