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Get To Know Us & Our Work.

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  • How to Wash a Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    Unlike the regular washing and drying which fabric cloths require the same can’t be said for wipe clean tablecloths. This is because this fabric requires a different cleaning and caring method to ensure it is not damaged. Just like in a case of caring for clothing fabric you can’t treat wool like linen. You can also not treat fabric tablecloth the same way they’d treat wipe clean tablecloths. This is important to note because just as easy and less daunting using a wipe clean tablecloth is, they can just as easily get ruined if proper care isn’t taken in following cleaning instructions. Being that wipe clean tablecloths are a usable alternative to fabric tablecloths that have more severe and long-lasting damaging effects from tough stains like ink, oil and food stuff; proper care is imperative for maximum usage of wipe clean tablecloths — of which this is usually a bane for product consumers. I for one will definitely gravitate towards a product with extended usage and especially if it guarantees me value for my money’s worth. So if it means my having to painstakingly clean it for long lasting usage, count me in! I ended up buying a wipe clean tablecloth as they have some of the best designs. Here are some friendly cleaning and caring tips for wipe clean tablecloths:

    Once it's stained, don’t wait

    The longer you wait to clean off oil, food or ink stains, the harder it is to get them off. An oil stain not attended to in time could become a tough mess and require more friction when cleaning off, which could wear out the fabric. It is important to attack stains as soon as possible using Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol for grease stains and ink marks. For dye based food stains, spot clean with a mixed solution of part water and part hydrogen peroxide using a saturated clean white cloth. Rinse with a clean damp cloth.

    Keep away from direct heat

    Because the fabric of wipe clean tablecloths consists largely of vinyl, it is easily meltable and more importantly, highly flammable. Always use placemats and coasters for hot plates, pots and cups on wipe clean tablecloths.

    Infrequent washing

    Regular wipe-downs aren’t enough to completely keep wipe clean tablecloths clean. You'll find the underside become dirty. It is essential to do a proper overall cleaning after using them for 6 to 12 months. This involves soaking the tablecloth in cold water and mild detergent in a basin, sink, bathtub or basically any holder that’s big and wide enough to take the entire cloth without completely squeezing it to prevent creases. Hang under the sun to drip dry to avoid creasing. In case of excess creasing, place in a dryer with heavy towels and set to tumble dry at mild heat for two to three minutes each, repeating the process to satisfaction. Be careful not to allow it overheat as it will melt.

    Store to keep crease-free

    When not in use, roll it up to prevent creasing and store in dry cupboard. Should you decide to fold it instead, expect fold lines to appear. Wipe clean tablecloths usually straighten out after a few days of being kept out on tables. Alternatively, it can be mildly pressed with a warm iron....

  • 5 Ways to Repurpose an Old Dresser

    Old is gold. You do not want to spend extra cash to purchase a new cabinet when you can convert your old dresser into one. At least everyone has a dresser they no longer use. You may be wondering how you can repurpose your dresser and make it more useful. The following are some of the ways you can do it.

    1. Create a wine cabinet out of it

    Here, you just need to remove the drawers and convert them into shelves. Also, add a few pieces of wood with well-shaped cut-outs to be compartments for storing wine bottles. You will have an awesome place to store your wine and other drinks. Position it at an easily accessible place so that you don’t have a hard time finding your wine.

    2. Turn it into a TV cabinet

    You don’t need to purchase a new TV stand in case you want some change in your living room. Simply take your old dresser, refurbish it and turn that dresser into a tv stand. You can carve out a few drawers to create a design that you like. Sooner or later, you will have a new and beautiful TV cabinet without spending much.

    3. Make it a door hallway seat

    How is this even possible? The truth is that it is possible. How about removing drawers and shelves from one side of the dresser and placing some cushions there? This can be a very nice seat with drawers on the side. You can also remove drawers from the lowest row and make the compartments a place for storing your shoes.

    4. Paint it

    Instead of converting your old dresser into something else, you can just paint it and make it new. In case you have changed all your furniture in the house, consider painting it in a way that matches the other furniture and decor. Your favorite color will make you like it even more. So not go for so many colors lest it looks like a kindergarten desk. You can also change the handles, patterns, paint color, and modify the design a bit. Within a short time, you will have a brand new dresser in your house.

    5. Turn it into a dressing table

    To make your old dresser a dressing table, simply carve out drawers from the middle column. Install a big mirror on top and use the remaining drawers for storing your makeup, brushes, and all your dressing accessories. You can’t fail to find a nice seat or stool from your local hardware. Purchase one whose color compliments that of your new dressing table. Make sure your dressing table is well painted and decorated in the most beautiful way possible. This will bring a new and amazing look in your bedroom without having you spend a lot of money. An old dresser can still be useful. It does not matter whether there are broken handles, faded and discolored paint, and chippings. You can convert it into a new form that will incredibly beautiful. You don’t have to spend much. Isn’t this better than disposing of it in the trash store? Simply fix all the loose parts, repaint it, and create a new face of your old dresser....

  • Top Emerging Architectural Firms


    London-based plan studio IF_DO is overwhelming UK's engineering scene. Their Dulwich Pavilion was the highlight of the current year's London Festival of Architecture and will be remade in the play area of a neighborhood elementary school. The structure, named for AJ Architecture Award, which features the absolute best-manufactured ventures in the UK, was created with specialists StructureMode and worked by fabricators Weber Industries utilizing a moderately little spending plan of directly over £100,000.

    dRMM de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects-

    UK rising design firm dRMM has won the current year's RIBA Stirling Prize with its redevelopment of the famous Hastings Pier in the UK. Their moderate mediation changed the enduring Victorian Pavilion into an open arrangement, coated bistro bar, with a timber-clad guest focus and survey deck on its rooftop. The undertaking has been praised for its adaptability and nonappearance of excellent compositional signals.

    Hou de Sousa-

    New York-based Hou de Sousa has had an effective 2016, amid which it won a few rivalries. The arrangement of outstanding activities proceeded in 2017, with the firm winning the Second Prize at The National Museum of World Writing in Songdo, South Korea and turning into a finalist in the challenge for Public figure in Sarasota, Florida. Hou de Sousa recently changed 650,000 three-inch, translucent plastic balls from the National Building Museum's Beach show into a transformable gathering square framework. They additionally won the 2016 Socrates Sculpture Park Folly Competition in New York with their versatile proposition, Sticks.

    EVA Studio-

    This London-based research and design practice, EVA Studio, is just three years of age, however, is now having a reliable effect in territories with dislodged networks all through the world. Their work in Haiti, in the wake of the obliteration of Hurricane Matthew, is helping neighborhood networks to recoup and reconstruct. EVA Studio's eight tasks in Haiti– people group spaces, houses, and instructive facilities– are constructed reasonably utilizing locally accessible materials. They work together with neighborhood governments and grassroots associations in executing their plans and attract on vernacular engineering to react to explicit issues and situations.

    The LADG-

    Los Angeles-based developing architecture organization The LADG, built up in 2004 by Andrew Holder and Claus Benjamin Freyinger, works crosswise over typologies and scales and has various finished activities in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. The company's co-chief, Andrew Holder, is collaborator teacher of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, which demonstrates that the association with the scholarly community can strengthen a youthful studio's imaginative commitment. The LADG is the victor of the 2014 Architectural League Prize, one of North America's most lofty honors for youthful engineers and creators. They are as of late, finished craftsmanship establishment at the GSD investigated ideas of the beautiful in contemporary design.


  • The Five Biggest Home-structure Trends

    Concealing kitchen mess - 

    As much as we cherish having the capacity to see our lounge rooms from our kitchens, the view from the opposite side isn't generally as alluring. From the love seat, seeing blenders, toasters, iceboxes, and dishwashers can upset the casual feel of regular territories.To battle the presence of messiness, mortgage holders will include progressively concealed capacity and completely incorporated machines for a streamlined look.

    Smarter apparatuses - 

    There are presently various apparatus producers that offer network through your telephone or with voice control. This accommodation encourages you to perform multiple tasks and spare time. New keen highlights additionally take into consideration the downloading of formulas and system empowered diagnostics for administration.

    Organic modernism - 

    Next-level minimal, present-day spaces will coordinate natural components into improved rooms. Straightforward, clean lines utilizing natural materials is a pattern that will remain with us for quite a while. Wood, stone, iron, matte dark and tiles in hues found in nature make a nonpartisan, contemporary look. Highlighted with mechanical look kitchen furniture and open racking, this style is complex and family-accommodating, as the completions by and large have amazing solidness. Dupont's Corian Charging Surface is currently accessible as a kitchen counter surface. A charging ring appeared white above, associates with a keen gadget. At the point when it's set on a charging spot, it controls the device. Dupont's Corian Charging Surface is presently accessible as a kitchen counter surface. A charging ring appeared white above, associates with a savvy gadget. At the point when it's set on a charging spot, it controls the device.

    Wireless charging stations - 

    In 2019, we're getting our charging ropes off of the counters — and far from the sprinkling sink water. We would now be able to charge remotely through our ledges, which decreases mess and bother. The accommodation of remote, hidden charging stations in kitchen counters will move toward becoming standard. We are never a long way from our telephones, and it appears to be more secure and increasingly helpful to almost certainly charge remotely in the kitchen.

    Steam and induction cooking - 

    Convection steam broilers and enlistment stovetops are developing in ubiquity as they turn out to be increasingly open and less demanding to incorporate and utilize. They make quick, sound cooking a lot less difficult. Steam cooking holds supplements decimated by microwave cooking and is likewise an extremely proficient approach to warm nourishment without changing the surface. Convection adds the carmelizing alternative to steam cooking to make more beneficial, crispier, juicier dishes in less time than a standard broiler. Enlistment is protected and effective, as the intensity of magnets is utilized to produce warmth and transforms the vessel into the warmth source. It sounds complicated, yet in truth, it's exceptionally straightforward, simple to work, and bubbles water quicker than gas. Search for enlistment to have a remarkable effect on its execution, simple to-clean surface, convenience, and wellbeing.



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